Legacy Fishing Retreat
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                                   We Need Your Help!

  Please Sponsor a Scholarship

 for one of these Legacy Fishing Retreats:


                          ( These Retreats are funded by Your Donations )


    * Minnesota Teen Challenge Graduate Father/Son              


    * Rooted Men's Father/ Son Fishing Retreat


    * Teens for Christ Fishing Retreat ( 12-18 yr old boys)


    * "Jesus on the River "Tent Revival in SD with 

      Native Children Fishing Contest  & Music Fest

*     2nd Tent Revival , with Native Children Fishing               Contest and Music Fest  in Cody, Wyoming


* Lakeside Academy Fishing Retreats( 5 in Total) for

     Minnesota Teen Challenge Teen Boys (12-18 yrs old)

* MNTC Men from Mpls & Brainerd One-Day Fishing     

   * "Jesus on the Lake" Family Fishing Retreat, MN

      ( includes Sponsoring one Grief Counseled Family)


____   $100 Sponsors one Youth for one full day with Legacy

____   $200 Sponsors one Youth for a Weekend with Legacy

____   $400 Sponsors one Father/Son Team for a Weekend

____   $1,200 Sponsors three Father/Son Teams for a Weekend

____   $2,400 Sponsors Lodging for a 24 person Legacy Retreat

____   $3,000 Sponsors 30 Teen’s Lodging on a Legacy Retreat

____   $5,000 Sponsors a Complete 24 Person Legacy Retreat


         Please make Your Scholarship Donation check out to:

                                  Legacy Fishing Retreat

                                           P O Box 521

                                      Rogers, MN  55374

                            or you can donate on-line by

       simply going to the "Donate to Legacy" tab on the left

     If You have any questions call Rob Watlov at 612-860-2727

                        or email:  robwatlov@earthlink.net