Legacy Fishing Retreat
       "When You Buy, You Donate to Legacy"

1) Using Your Normal Buying Habits at Amazon

       2 )  Make Custom Purchases thru XOXOGOD.org

During these times you might wonder, how can I help out Legacy Fishing Retreat. We have Two ways that thru your daily needs, and normal buying habits, You can add donations to help Legacy Fishing Retreat.

                           Do you make purchases through Amazon?

Click on the box above to access Amazon Smile. Identify and set-up            Legacy Fishing Retreat as the non-profit partner in your account settings. When you shop this way Amazon donates 5% of your purchase to support our ministry. The only difference to You is, You go to:

AmazonSmile.com instead of Amazon.com to make purchases


          Most of us really enjoy wearing               Custom Made items

XOXOGOD.org is a another Great Organization that creatively shares the Love and Truth of God with its Variety of Custom made Items with God Messages & Logos on:  (T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Coffee Mugs, Prayer Journals,++) ..... and then they GENEROUSLY Donate All The Profits from each item that you buy from XOXOGOD.org

 to Legacy Fishing Retreat_   

 Go to http://xoxogod.org/

How ?  Just Use this code, LEGACY , when purchasing any inspirational gifts for yourself or others from   XOXOGOD.org

Legacy Fishing Retreat